How do I find a massage therapist that can provide optimal treatment for me as a pregnant client?

It is especially important during pregnancy to work with a massage therapist that has completed training in specific prenatal massage techniques. Pregnancy massage is often not covered in basic massage training and the therapist may have completed an elective course or a continuing education training / certification process. Prenatal massage therapists will be more skilled in evaluating your condition to determine if there are any cautions or contraindications for massage. They will be able to adapt techniques to treat you safely with massage, but they will also know the best techniques and protocols to give you the most optimal prenatal massage experience. They will teach you how to properly bolster yourself for sleep at home, demonstrate self-acupressure techniques, and can even show your partner or caregiver some basic massage techniques to help you with at home. You can find NYC based MaMassage® trained therapists here:

MaMassage® Therapists

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