What should I expect from a MaMassage® prenatal massage session?

Prior to the session, your prenatal massage therapist should ask you to fill out a medical intake form and ask you questions regarding your health history, as well as pertaining to your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is high risk, they may ask you to get your physician to sign a medical release form for treatment. You and the therapist should work together to determine the goal(s) for your massage session. Examples of session goals may be: to relax, to reduce muscular tension (generally or in a specific area, like the low back), to reduce swelling, etc. The massage therapist should explain what to expect from the treatment; for example, it may include abdominal massage, lighter work on the legs, and various positioning measures. During the massage itself, it is safe for the therapist to apply some deeper pressure (depending on their evaluation of your health) for the low back, glutes, neck and shoulders. They will work with lighter pressure on the limbs and abdomen. You may book a 60, 75, or 90 minute session. After the massage, they may ask you additional questions about your immediate results, make recommendations for self-care practices you can do at home between sessions, and suggest how often to come for massage during the pregnancy. Sounds more than just “nice”, right? Massage therapy is an important health care practice. Enjoy!

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