Dear Kiera!
I’m just writing to reach out and THANK YOU for doing your work the way you do it. It’s been 9 months since I became a mom, and I am still feel so blessed by how my pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery went on! I attribute the success of it all to having taken the massage program in general and your MaMassage® class in particular. I’m such a huge advocate of home birth, natural delivery, delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin, using placenta and prolonged breastfeeding, it’s kind of like a new identity of mine, and I’m so grateful for it. I’m in Belarus now, and Belarusian maternity leave policy puts the American one to shame, as the government pays newly baked moms for the first 3 years!!! of the babies’ lives… However, sharing my experience of birth with local moms and helping pregnant women make better decisions feels very important. Just wanted to write to you and share how I feel:) I’m also sending some pictures from birth and from his one year celebration, hope you enjoy them, Irina


“My favorite attributes about Kiera are that she is loyal, caring, and has integrity.   Knowing Kiera for the past 6 years has been a great experience for me.  Kiera is a passionate massage therapist who continually maintains professionalism with her clients and colleagues. I have had the privilege of being both Kiera’s colleague and client, so I can attest to Kiera’s character: she has a strong work ethic, she is a great listener, she always addresses areas of concern, and is client focused during all her sessions.  Kiera places a high standard on education and stays updated on techniques and skills that can help her clients as well as the students she teaches.  Kiera demonstrates what it takes to be a great therapist each time she enters a massage session.  Thank you, Kiera for being who you are! “- Amanda Sipes, LMT

“Thank you for treating my very pregnant friend so well, and making my treat to her so easy. She said it was the best massage she’s ever had in her life!” SK

“I left my prenatal session with Kiera and spent the rest of the day gushing about it to my clients and colleagues. One of them booked an appointment with her before the end of that day, and told me afterward how grateful she was for the referral.” Anonymous

“I have followed Kiera from one location to another, and for one pregnancy after another. I trust her implicitly with my body, which says a great deal.” DN

“I felt like I was in the hands of an expert.” AK

“Thank you once again, Kiera, for sharing your knowledge with all of us and instilling this special skill, in which we can now go forward and be able to share this wonderful practice with others!” MR

“Hi Kiera, I wanted to let you know that I did my first real prenatal massage. Baby was due 3 days before mom came in. Afterwards, mom asked if I would accompany her to the delivery room and left a very large tip. Thanks teach, couldn’t have done it without you!!” – MT

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. It was great learning from you and I really liked that we had the opportunity to work with pregnant clients as part of it.” MW

“A friend took a different prenatal massage training the weekend before MaMassage®. In comparison, YOU gave us ( give) so so much more: so much more insight, and motivation to see more in our roles and birthing at present day, so much more technique and a banquet of knowledge. Way more resources and a much bigger community to draw from, so thank you .” RC
“Thanks so much for the follow up and the photos from the training. I very much enjoyed the training and hope to do more with you in the future.” TV
“I have enjoyed integrating your teaching and inspiration into my practice this last month. Thank you, thank you thank you!” SR
“This class was extremely informative and interesting. I loved getting experience with real clients and being able to bring some comfort to people very much in need of it.  Kiera is very organized, knowledgeable, and open to her students for addressing needs and questions. She is also caring and compassionate and expresses herself well in her teaching styles and materials.” LR
“I liked that this class was all women and that the material was woman centered. Kiera is a great teacher. She presents the material from a well prepared and structured format.” IS
“I would recommend this course to a friend because Kiera is very knowledgeable and inspiring.” CP
“This class taught me various techniques for Prenatal Massage and helped me find my confidence with providing this service. Kiera helped us to explore and find our comfort level with prenatal massage. She is warm and kind and allows for open discussion on class materials and techniques.” AA
Kiera, your students are lucky to have you for their instructor. Besides being highly skilled, educated and passionate about your profession you also bring great compassion and heart into your work. It is a pleasure to have you here at NSUH. Looking forward to seeing you back in the fall.
Nancy Mishanie, Holistic Therapist-RN
By the way, I had a few prenatal clients last week who were new to me but have had prenatal massage before, and all said that mine was the best they’ve gotten. They all especially love the stretches. So thank you. I’m really happy I took your course :-). YB
{Kiera is} the best for sending us the job opportunities! I’m happy to share with you how much MORE I’ve been enjoying prenatal massage since taking your workshop. There was a slightly awkward integration period between doing what I used to do and using your protocol but now everything is so flowing and easy! It feels so right on deep level to work this way. On top of that, feedback from clients is super positive and I’ve been seeing more return pregnant clients than before. So, yay! Thank you for sharing your hard work and knowledge. – Sydney Price, LMT
Kiera teaches with love. – Anonymous
Kiera is an amazing instructor, this is a fantastic class, and I look forward to working with her again for future courses. – Anonymous
I learned from Kiera that massage is not only a skill- it is a way of living, and helping others. – Anonymous
Kiera is the best in her field. Aside from her skills, her structure, encouragement and her supportive nature make the class so well-rounded. – Anonymous

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