How does MaMassage® Give Back?

How does MaMassage® Give Back?

The MaMassage® Give Care / Take Care Fund is a 2022 initiative that Kiera is beginning in the spirit of Third Root NYC, which has now closed. This fund allows those who have financial access to provide anonymous, sponsored massage support to those who would not otherwise be able to access massage therapy. If you know someone in need of sliding scale or pro-bono prenatal massage therapy, please tell them about this fund and ask them to email to discuss appointment availability.

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Another way MaMassage® gives back is by offering new LMT’s the MaMassage® scholarship to train in these techniques.

Kiera Nagle, creator of MaMassage®, has a mission to give back to the community by providing prenatal and postpartum massage therapy services, and education about the benefits of prenatal/labor/postpartum massage.  This is also part of her teaching philosophy, and her students and therapists trained in MaMassage® are often like-minded in this mission.

In order for MaMassage® therapists to complete their certification hours, they need to practice the massage therapy protocol. Kiera coordinates with NY Metro Doula Group, other prenatal health care practitioners, Bend & Bloom, and Juniper yoga studios to offer free prenatal massage to clients at the MaMassage® trainings and classes. Kiera asks that as the doulas, HCPs, and yoga teachers refer clients to MaMassage®, they prioritize clients who are less likely to have access to massage for financial, cultural, or social reasons. Each year, over approximately 100 clients receive free prenatal and postpartum massage services as part of these trainings (the value of which is about $15,000).

Kiera has also organized volunteer events, such as the one in 2018 in conjunction with MaMassage®, Pacific College of Health and Science, and Ancient Song Doula Services, at which MaMassage® volunteer therapists and Pacific College interns provided free massage and acupuncture to pregnant clients, their guest of choice, and doulas.

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In addition, Kiera has provided trauma informed massage therapy to clients at Womankind and through a grant from the Massage Therapy Foundation, has assisted Womankind in setting up a sustainable (and free to clients) massage therapy program at one of their NYC locations.

Kiera also donates money and/or massage therapy session gift certificates to various organizations, including:

  • VoteRunLead – an organization that trains women to run for political office and win
  • Circle of Mothers, founded by Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, who brings together mothers who have lost children or family members to senseless gun violence for the purpose of healing, empowerment, and fellowship towards the larger aim of community building
  • Black Mamas Matter 

Kiera set up MaMassage® as a .org because she wants to keep the MaMassage® community (comprised of MaMassage® therapists, doulas, health care practitioners of all kinds, and clients) connected through information sharing and support.

Feel free to email Kiera with any questions or concerns regarding these efforts:

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