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CONGRATULATIONS to Aly Franco, our 2020 MaMassage® Scholarship Recipient! Aly will attend the March 2020 MaMassage® training at Pacific College!

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In lieu of donations, this year’s MaMassage® scholarship was funded in memoriam to my father, Robert Nagle, who passed into the spirit world in July 2019. As an educator, my father always sought to assist students, especially those in most need, as he had a difficult childhood and believed education was a way forward. My family would like to honor him with this scholarship this year.

Here is Aly’s winning essay:

Ever since I got serious about this awesome medical and spiritual healing career, I thought I knew exactly where I was going with it. I had a plan that I would be working with athletes of all ages, but on a highly competitive level. Little did I know this was too broad of a vision. Now that I have been working at Equinox for about a year, I have come across all kinds of athletes. My favorite so far are the hard-working women in the fitness and athletic scene, and now I know that this is where I want to focus my vision for practice.

I have been working with this amazing mom of two, who has another on the way now. She is a Latin woman that does personal training three times a week, yoga three times a week and is competitive powerlifter. I first met her in the summer at powerlifting event where I went to support a friend who was competing. By the day’s end, watching the women, I was inspired to talk to them and see how I can help them on their journey to the top. This particular woman got me because she had the name of my mom’s family, and seeing a badass Latina win her weight class fired me up. We become very close and we started working hand in hand. I tend to travel with her when she is going places to train, as her trainer and her massage therapist also. Now she is pregnant with her third child and I want to keep up with work on her, and treat her safely and effectively. She moderated her training with the doctor’s advice, but her physician also wants her to continue getting manual therapy. This client has had positive results from massage, as she has back pain and other issues from an epidural she received with her first child. I am interested in learning also how massage might help her and other people during the labor process, so this type of issue may be avoided.

I want to be able to offer the women I have met and work with the same therapy I give them during the times of athletic competition while they are pregnant. I want to grow my private practice and start reaching out to women who are still working out during their precious time. Being a first-generation daughter of a strong single Latina parent in the USA, I want to take this work to my community of the South Bronx and offer it to the hard-working single mothers. I know where I’m from the mothers tend to get their children into sports to help them have a better chance of a successful future as my mother did with me. I want them to have the same care that they give to their children. I am back in the Bronx helping my mother, and I helped my grandmother through her passing, to her last breath in September 2019. I want to be a positive role model in my community, and give back to a community where no one believes they deserve it. Financially, it has been hard for me. I am working part time at the spa/Gym, then coming home to taking care of my sick mom, while at the same time working on my business Kitsune Sports Wellness with the athletes. The MaMassage® scholarship will allow me the opportunity to grow in many ways as a therapist, give good prenatal massage care to those who need it most, and allow me to give back to my community.

The 2020 MaMassage® Scholarship committee includes: Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, Carla Gaskins-Nathan, LMT,  Kellie Knight, BS and Lydia Nagle, MA.


Information about the MaMassage® Scholarship Process and Deadline!

The MaMassage® Scholarship will be awarded once per year, to allow a new massage therapist to train in a valuable skill to serve pregnant clients better. Therapists with prenatal massage training can more safely serve their clients and educate communities about the benefits of massage for pregnancy. Massage therapists with prenatal training increase their employability and potential for serving a wider range of clients in private practice. The recipient of the scholarship will also show a commitment to serving the community through the work of prenatal massage.

Those who fit the following parameters may apply for the MaMassage® Scholarship:

– women, GNC and non-binary folks to the front

– POC to the front

– MT’s who are about to graduate, recently graduated or licensed for less than 3 years

– those with a desire to create community and educate about massage for the childbearing period

– the recipient would need to be willing to allow a portion of their essay and their photo/bio to be put on the MaMassage® website

How to Apply for the MaMassage®: Scholarship Applicants will write a short essay that shows the following:

– WHY they want to learn to work with pregnant clients

– HOW they will take this work into their community in service/collaboration (other than practice building or employability)

– a 3-year timeline for career path including this work

– a genuine financial need (financial docs will not need to be submitted for verification)

– the essay can be submitted via email to kiera@mamassage.org 

How the MaMassage® Scholarship will be awarded:

Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, the creator of MaMassage® has assembled a committee including previous MaMassage® alum and other colleagues in the field. Committee members will review the essays using a rubric which will use point values to assess the following criteria:

– the applicant’s clarity of vision (who they want to work with, why they want to work with them, HOW they will make it happen)

– uniqueness of proposal (how specialized is the population and what is their connection to it)

The applicant who accrues the most points from the rubric assessment will be the recipient of the scholarship.

Application has closed for 2020. 2021 dates will be posted at the end of this year.

2019 MaMassage® Scholarship Winner Patrina Best


2018 MaMassage® Scholarship Winner Yahaira Paulino

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